everyone has the right to breathe clean air!

World Health Organisation

In recent years, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a concern for everyone.

Modern buildings have become more airtight and there is now significant interest in minimising the amount of air exchanged in order to conserve both energy and heat.

As ventilation rates have been reduced, the levels of contaminates has risen and new ones detected.

These contaminates include hazardous or noxious gases, viruses and bacteria circulated within indoor environments. There is no doubt that issues such as particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the air can be correlated with complaints from personnel inside buildings and contributes to reduced performance and productivity.

Filtaire Solutions have designed, developed and manufactured a range of  Air Purifiers for use in commercial and domestic premises

Air Purifiers may also be referred to as:  'Air Cleaners' or 'Air Filters'.

The range provides total air filtration capacity by combining high efficiency HEPA grade particulate filter media with high activity, activated carbons. The ability to ‘focus’ the equipment at sources of pollution ,ensures a far quicker solution than most alternatives, and the ability to deliver cleaned air quickly back into a room  provides a safer and healthier immediate environment.

We specialise in being able to offer a wide choice of carbons for most applications and specialist needs, with tailor made combinations where necessary.

The filter units, by removing pollutants rather than masking them, create far healthier atmospheres and because they continuously recycle and filter the air within an enclosed space, will not have any effect on heating or cooling -  saving expensive energy costs.

The air treated in this way becomes ‘cleaner’ than so called ‘fresh air’ which in itself may be contaminated. There are, thus, many cases where a Filtaire system will give much better results than extraction or ventilation systems.

Filtaire Air Purifiers are very efficient, with energy consumption of  up to130 watts maximum, to help maintain low operating costs. The ability to change filters within minutes, by non skilled personnel, ensures that ongoing maintenance, is both minimal and easy.

We have a wealth of experience and can provide an effective, economic ‘Solution’ for most indoor applications in every type of industry.

Please contact us today for advice, and how we can help with your air quality problems and concerns.