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Formaldehyde is a colourless, very pungent-smelling gas.

Exposure can cause watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat,nausea and difficulties in breathing to some people exposed at elevated levels above 0.1 parts per million.

It is a potent irritant which affects the eyes,nose,throat and lungs and also can cause skin reactions.

Exposure has been shown to cause headaches, depression,dizziness and loss of sleep in cases of chronic exposure.

Minor illnesses such as colds and coughs may be aggravated and may trigger a number of other,more serious illnesses such as asthma.

It has been shown to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans.

Formaldehyde is widely used in industry to manufacture building materials and numerous household products as well as being a by-product of combustion and certain other natural processes. Primary sources include pressed wood products such as particle board,plywood,and medium density fibreboard (MDF); finished furniture,shelving and cabinetry made with composite boards and certain coatings;decorative fabrics and textiles and paper products. In certain paints and coatings,adhesives and numerous personal care products it may also be used as a bioside.Smoking and many household products as well as un vented fuel burning appliances like a gas stove, are also sources of formaldehyde.

Studies have found typical concentrations orange from 0.01ppm to 0.03ppm in offices,whilst it is 0.05ppm to 0.08ppm in homes.

Individual responses to formaldehyde may vary substantially and irritation may occur at levels of 0.08ppm or less with odour detection measured at just 0.03ppm. Some people are very sensitive to formaldehyde while others, may have no reaction to the same amount of exposure.

Filtaire have a specially selected enhanced carbon filter that will rapidly and effectively remove formaldehyde fumes and odour from any indoor space, including laboratories, mortuaries, funeral embalming and commercial applications wherever exposure could be a concern.

Filtaire Air Purifiers will deal with the hazards of Formaldehyde and quickly deliver clean contaminate free, safer conditions.

The same carbon type (CF - previously designated 'S' Type) is available for each Filtaire model.

 Independent Tests illustrate the reduction and effectiveness of our equipment and carbon filters.

The Health and Safety Executive consider exposure to formaldehyde as working with substances hazardous to health.  Protection of employees is covered with the COSHH regulations.

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Filtaire 5000

Filtaire 5000

The Filtaire 5000 was developed for use within larger spaces and commercial applications, where exceptional indoor air quality is desired or required to meet industry standards, and to comply with Health and Safety Executive for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

We source, select and use only the very best materials and components to ensure a long and service free operational life.

Filtaire 2000

Filtaire 2000

The Filtaire 2000 is a high performance compact solution developed to meet the needs of applications where size and aesthetics are also of importance. Designed to look similar to an audio speaker, the unit will sit unobtrusively in any environment whilst its performance matches that of many larger machines.