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FILTAIRE IN THE OFFICE & WORK PLACE - Protecting your most valuable assets.

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The purpose of the equipment is to purify air contaminated by fumes and particulates. This is achieved by Filtaire’s unique design, which provides sub-micron filtration. Contaminated air is drawn in and filtered through enhanced special carbons and highly efficient particulate filters before exceptionally clean air is returned back into the room.

An added benefit is the removal of odours and airborne bacteria, to significantly improve infection control, particularly in the modern open plan offices of today.

The smallest of particles expelled by coughs and sneezes, for example, can remain in the air for up to 4 hours.

Office Use

As office technology improves, so the health risk increases.  Usually, offices are decorated to a good standard and equipped to cope with the demands of every day working life.

Unfortunately, the introduction of new equipment, office furniture and new decorations can have a harmful effect on people working in this environment.

This may often be referred to as ‘sick building syndrome’.

Shown below are the average contents of a modern office and the problems they contain:


Item                                                     Chemical Emission
Photocopiers/FAX                            Xylene/Toluene, Benzene, Trichloroethylene, Ammonia
Desks (Chipboard)                           Formaldehyde, Xylene/Toluene, Benzene, Alcohols
Correction Fluid                                Acetone
Computer Screen                            Xylene/Toluene
Paint/Varnish/Wall Coverings       Formaldehyde, Xylene/Toluene, Benzene, Alcohols
Soft Furnishings                               Formaldehyde

In sufficient quantities, the above pollutants will have the following effect:

Item                                                   Chemical Emission
Acetone                                            Headaches, drowsiness, irritation in nose and throat
Ammonia                                         Breathing problems
Benzene                                           Headaches, drowsiness, nausea and breathing difficulties
Formaldehyde                                Breathing difficulties, eye, ear and nose irritation
Methyl Alcohol                                Headaches, nausea, irritation of mucous membrane
Toluene                                            Impaired coordination, slow  reactions,sluggishness.                                                    
Trichloroethylene                          Headaches, dizziness, memory loss, anaemia and lassitude
Xylene                                              Confusion, nausea, coughing and catarrh



By installing Filtaire equipment, all of the above pollutants will be effectively controlled.  In addition, particles, down to minute levels, will be removed which will protect sensitive and valuable equipment extending their life, and improving reliability and performance.

Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) reduces absenteeism and increases productivity in the work place.

Simple to operate requiring no specialist skills they are very economical to run and may also enable ventilation rates, and costs, to be reduced.

Filtaire Air Purifiers work very well together with air conditioning and will not affect temperatures, are very economical to operate and require no specialist knowledge or ability to change filters which is achieved in less than 5 minutes.

The average fitting time required by a qualified electrician is one hour for ceiling/wall mounted model 5000 models.


By significantly improving indoor air quality, Filtaire equipment will make the office a much healthier place in which to work with many benefits for every type of business.

Our unique design and selection of carbons also enable the equipment to deal with new contaminates or problems (such as decorating odours) as and when required by simply changing the carbon filter to an alternative on a temporary basis, returning the room to a better environment quickly.


Filtaire 5000

Filtaire 5000

The Filtaire 5000 was developed for use within larger spaces and commercial applications, where exceptional indoor air quality is desired or required to meet industry standards, and to comply with Health and Safety Executive for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

We source, select and use only the very best materials and components to ensure a long and service free operational life.

Filtaire 2000

Filtaire 2000

The Filtaire 2000 is a high performance compact solution developed to meet the needs of applications where size and aesthetics are also of importance. Designed to look similar to an audio speaker, the unit will sit unobtrusively in any environment whilst its performance matches that of many larger machines.