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Creating the right atmosphere in the dark room.

Photographic Dark Room air quality is a key factor in providing a healthy, safe and clean atmosphere that not only improve the processes involved, but most importantly provides the necessary protection for the user against potentially harmful contaminates such as fumes,vapours and dust.

 Inadequate ventilation is a common fault, and usually may consist of only a bathroom type extractor fan fitted to a ceiling or wall over the sink which can be noisy and process a limited amount of air.

Such fans try to lift aqueous based photographic chemical vapours that can be heavier than air. Mounted in the ceiling, they may actually  'pull' the chemical vapours into the respiratory system of anyone working over the sink.

A traditional type of vent 'hood' usually found above stoves in kitchens and restaurants are only effective due to the rising heat created during the processes cooking. The same type of hood in a dark room environment actually can cause a lot of air turbulence around the edge of the opening. The higher this type of hood is above the sink, the more turbulence it creates resulting in actually pulling more of the vapours into the respiratory system of anyone working over the sink area.

Of concern is the extensive range of chemicals used, and their potential harmful effects on health, especially within small and enclosed spaces and where ventilation and filtration is inadequate or minimal.

Many of the chemicals used within the Dark Room produce unpleasant and pungent odours, which may also very easily permeate to other parts of a building and extraction systems can 'export' the problem to adjacent areas or rooms, which is unacceptable.

The Health and Safety Executive have issued guidelines on how to control hazardous substances at work (COSHH)

 Substances can take many forms and include;

  • Chemicals
  • Products containing chemicals
  • Fumes
  • Dusts
  • Vapours

There is a legal requirement to comply with the COSHH (Control of Substances Harmful to Health) Regulations 2002. Operating a small business or being self-employed, means that you must make sure you are protecting your employees.

Filtaire have recently launched a specific enhanced carbon pellet filtration system which combines selected different carbons within the same filter, to deal with virtually all the chemicals used within the dark room, that can cause potential health problems - apart from making the environment unpleasant to work in.

Professional users have thoroughly tested our new filter to assist us in selecting the optimum grades and percentages for best results.

Whether it's a small darkroom in a domestic situation or larger facility including Colleges and professional operations, the same levels of performance are achieved with any of the range of Filtaire Air Purifiers.

With outstanding particulate filtration included as standard, the smallest of contaminates are rapidly removed from the air to improve processes and results as well as preventing dust from affecting equipment. The Filtaire system constantly re processes the air within the Darkroom and consequently no 'foreign bodies' will be introduced from outside "fresh air" and those particles already in the room, will be trapped in the contained unit.

As there is no effect on heat requirements a constant temperature prevails throughout the development process.

A Filtaire Air Purifier equipped with the special CP Type Photographic chemical carbon filter will make time spent in any darkroom very much safer, cleaner, healthier, productive and enjoyable.

Protecting your Health and the benefits of improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are very important.

Filtaire models range from just £260.00 plus VAT.





Chemical odours used in Photography which can be treated by Filtaire equipment.

Acetic acid                                       Dichlorobenzene                    Sodium Ammonium

Acetone                                            Isophorone                             Sodium Thiosulphate

Ammonium Thiosulphate             Methyl Alcohol                       Sulphuric Acid

Benzene                                          Methyl Bromide                      Tetrachloroethene

Bromide                                          Methyl Chloride                       Trichloroethene

Butyl Acetate                                   Propyl Acetate                        Trichlorothylene

Butyl Chloride                                 Propyl Alcohol

Carbon Tetrachloride                      Selenium

Filtaire 5000

Filtaire 5000

The Filtaire 5000 was developed for use within larger spaces and commercial applications, where exceptional indoor air quality is desired or required to meet industry standards, and to comply with Health and Safety Executive for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

We source, select and use only the very best materials and components to ensure a long and service free operational life.

Filtaire 2000

Filtaire 2000

The Filtaire 2000 is a high performance compact solution developed to meet the needs of applications where size and aesthetics are also of importance. Designed to look similar to an audio speaker, the unit will sit unobtrusively in any environment whilst its performance matches that of many larger machines.