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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is measured using a number of criteria:  Temperature;Humidity;Particulate and Gaseous Contaminants. 
By providing proper indoor air quality, it is possible to:

• Reduce absenteeism
•  Reduce building deterioration
• Improve energy efficiency
• Reduce external air ventilation requirements
• Reduce conflict and stress caused by poor indoor air quality
• Protect staff and others from airborne bacteria
• Improve infection control
• Compliance for COSHH

Poor IAQ has been shown to result in increased incidences of illness and absenteeism, reduced levels of concentration, irritability, complaints about building odour and stuffiness and, most disconcertingly, health problems.  These are known to include:

• Coughing
• Diarrhea
• Eye, nose and throat irritation
• Fatigue
• General respiratory problems
• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Runny nose
• Skin irritations

There are a number of areas where indoor quality, if not filtered, can cause any one, or a combination, of the effects described above.  These include:

• Custody Suites
• Interview Rooms
• Medical Treatment rooms
• Print Rooms
• Offices
• Technology areas
• Forensic Laboratories
• Evidence store rooms
• Photocopier rooms

Any other areas with poor ventilation and a higher level of airborne particles, smells or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Our Filtaire Range will help deal with the potential serious health hazards presented by airborne transmission of ‘SARS-like’ coronavirus, spread by droplets of body fluids – produced by coughing and sneezing.

Apart from applications where it is necessary to comply with regulations, Filtaire equipment can improve air quality and conditions in many other areas to improve performance and comfort levels.

Please call us today on 01494 723204 to discuss any application as we have extensive experience of numerous applications.

Filtaire 5000

Filtaire 5000

The Filtaire 5000 was developed for use within larger spaces and commercial applications, where exceptional indoor air quality is desired or required to meet industry standards, and to comply with Health and Safety Executive for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

We source, select and use only the very best materials and components to ensure a long and service free operational life.

Filtaire 2000

Filtaire 2000

The Filtaire 2000 is a high performance compact solution developed to meet the needs of applications where size and aesthetics are also of importance. Designed to look similar to an audio speaker, the unit will sit unobtrusively in any environment whilst its performance matches that of many larger machines.