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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become an area of growing concern. Modern buildings have become tighter, ventilation rates have been reduced and many more contaminants are now being detected, resulting in increased levels of indoor air pollution.

Health and Safety concerns and requirements are now an increasingly important aspect of every business or organisation where potential poor air quality can be an issue.

The Filtaire range of professional air purifiers has a product for every situation. Capable of removing the tiniest airborne particles, the units provide total filtration capacity by combining high efficiency particulate media, combined with high-activity activated carbons. The range of carbons available remove vapours - known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and odours that can cause deterioration in indoor air quality. These vapours come from various numerous sources such as vehicle exhausts drawn in through ventilation systems, ozone from electronic equipment and photocopiers, emissions from furnishings (particularly those manufactured from synthetic materials), emissions from cleaning materials, food and waste products.

Filtaire 300Filtaire 300Filtaire 300Filtaire 300

Filtaire units, by removing pollutants rather than masking them, create far healthier atmospheres and their potential uses are extremely widespread in industrial, commercial and domestic premises. All Filtaire units offer a selection of filter media to suit various applications.

The Filtaire model 300 is a compact and portable unit originally developed to efficiently eradicate indoor air pollution using a multi-stage radial system. The original patented design uses spinning open discs (polypropylene) as an excellent particulate filter with the filter media performance significantly improved by the rotation at speed. Uniquely, this system replaces the need for a fan blade. They can remove particles down to 0.5 microns and this includes bacteria and micro fungi which have a diameter from 1 micron upwards. (1 million microns = 1 metre. The face of a sugar grain is around 1000 microns across).

The air is then projected through the static carbon filter at an acute angle, increasing the contact area and returned to the room ensuring that filtration is greatly enhanced. The ability to ‘focus’ the equipment at sources of pollution results in much faster removal rates. A small purpose designed bracket is available to provide an ‘angled’ position, if required.

The Filtaire 300 is ideally suited to ‘average’ sized rooms of around 60 cubic metres; however, additional units can be used for larger spaces. The unit has two speeds – the normal running speed is sufficiently quiet for the unit to be used in, for example, a bedroom (it has also been used in hospitals). When used commercially by the beauty industry and chiropodists, for example, allows for normal conversation between clients and operatives. A faster boost speed is also available to cope with heavy concentrations of contaminants.

Our special carbon filters, which may be either granular or pellet, are available for a wide range of contaminate specific applications as well as general use. The carbons are encased in a further layer of filter media and can have 25 times the pollutant adsorption capacity of coated filters and generally have a wider adsorption range than coated filters. The average weight of carbon per filter for the 300 model is an impressive 0.57kg. All types of carbon filters are interchangeable, thus making the equipment extremely versatile and adaptable.

The unique construction method of these filters means that the materials can be made to customer’s individual requirements.

Power consumption is very economical at a maximum of 120 watts and filter replacements require no specialist skills or tools and take less than one minute to complete.

By continually recycling and processing the air many times an hour, Filtaire air purifiers do not affect heating or cooling and, in many cases, will give much better results than extraction or ventilation systems.

The basic design and function of the Filtaire 300 has been very much unchanged for over 25 years - because it is very effective. We have further improved performance with better internal components as they have been developed but the selection and use of significantly better carbons has increased effectiveness by considerable margins. It is our policy to continually improve our products in line with new developments and demand.

The Filtaire 300 and 'cleaner air' is available at £260 plus VAT.

Our resources section provides additional information including tests from independent scientific authorities.

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Technical Data

  • Dimensions - 23 x 29cm
  • Weight - 4.27Kg (including filters)
  • Motor - 240v, 90W single Phase
  • Frequency - 50Hz
  • Output - Approximately 6 cubic metres/minute
  • Pack size - 28 x 36.8 x 36.3 cm
    Volume - 0.374m³