Filter Types

Products Available

Filtaire Solutions Limited offers a range and combination of filters for different applications and choose the most effective available.

There are two types: filters to remove particles and filters to adsorb unpleasant odours and volatile vapours.

Some filters are also able to deal with airborne bacteria and viruses.

Experience has enabled us to develop a suitable range for most applications which are all  stock items.

All our carbon filter range are available for each machine and are easy and fast to change making the equipment extremely versatile.


Particle Filters

These filters, for the Filtaire 300 model, are spinning polypropylene discs, which remove particles down to sub-micron levels. (1 million Microns = a Meter). Common micro-organisms are 1 Micron upwards in size, and so, microbes including pathogens are removed.

The 5000 and 2000 models use  'tight' HEPA Grade cartridge filters, capable of removing down to point 3 of a micron particle sizes.

For highly specialised applications it is possible to equip the Filtaire 5000 with a superior grade and further details can be supplied on request.


Carbon Filters.

Packs of granular or pelleted contaminate specific carbons, which have 25 times the pollutant adsorption capacity of coated filters, are used for high pollutant levels. Special facemask types of carbons in shaped containers are used. Generally, they tend to have a wider adsorption range than coated filters and find many specialist applications in very many applications.

Impregnated Carbons

These are impregnated with copper and other oxides, which catalyse pollutant degradation/removal. These extend effective carbon adsorption range rates.

Ask for details of these special applications.

Bespoke Filters

Our unique system allows us to provide a specialist 'bespoke' filter service, using very specific activated carbons and where necessary, a combination for applications where one of our standard range of carbons would not provide the best solution.

These are subject to individual quotation and minimum quantities. Please contact us for further information regarding this service.


How long do filters last?

This is by far the most common question asked by new customers and difficult to answer as every individual application can be different with many variable factors involved.

We have found that whilst we can generally provide helpful advice, based on many years experience, it should be considered as a guide only. It depends on the level of pollutants, temperature, humidity and the speed at which the equipment is allowed to process the air.

For particulate filters, it is very easy to visually inspect them and hence determine whether or not they should be replaced. We recommend that cartridge filters are changed at least annually.

Carbon filters reduce their effectiveness very gradually in most applications and often this decline in performance is not noticed as it may be several months.

We have found, however, that customers who keep a spare filter and order them initially, can after a given suitable period of time replace the original filter. If no noticeable improvement is detected, then simply remove it and store in a suitable plastic bag away from sources of heat or direct sunlight. Replace the original filter and continue to repeat this easy quick process on a regular basis until you notice an improvement in performance. Customers have found this to be very effective in determining the optimum replacement schedules.

As with particulate filters, we do recommend that carbon filters are changed regularly, anything from 5 to 10 months on average,especially with the Filtaire models 2000 and 5000 as they are designed to act as a pre filter protecting and extending the life of the more costly cartridge filters.

Experience and regular  monitoring will determine individual replacement requirements and ensure performance is optimised.

Please contact us to learn more about how our filters perform and which type is most suitable for your individual application. Call 01494 723204

Filtaire 5000

Filtaire 5000

The Filtaire 5000 was developed for use within larger spaces and commercial applications, where exceptional indoor air quality is desired or required to meet industry standards, and to comply with Health and Safety Executive for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

We source, select and use only the very best materials and components to ensure a long and service free operational life.

Filtaire 2000

Filtaire 2000

The Filtaire 2000 is a high performance compact solution developed to meet the needs of applications where size and aesthetics are also of importance. Designed to look similar to an audio speaker, the unit will sit unobtrusively in any environment whilst its performance matches that of many larger machines.